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 SC Gas Appliances


  • Do make sure you get your boiler and other gas appliances serviced annually, for your own safety and so as not to invalidate any manufacturers warranty.
  • Do make sure any engineer you allow to work on your gas appliances is CORGI / GAS SAFE registered, a registered installer will always carry a valid ID card. If a an explosion or fire caused by an appliance not installed to Gas Safety Regs, (i.e notified to CORGI / GAS SAFE and undertaken by a competent CORGI/GAS SAFE registered person) may invalidate any subsequent building's insurance claims.
  • As of 1st April 2005 the government has made it legislation that all new and replacment boilers are High Efficiency models (condensing boilers). Although more expensive to buy than conventional boilers fuel savings can be as much as 30% + each year. All installations from this date also have to be notified to CORGI / GAS SAFE by the gas installation company.
  • Do make sure you know where your Gas Emergency Control Valve is and Water Main Stopcock incase of emergency.
  • Do not block Compartment air vents to a boiler or any other purpose made air-vent. Lack of oxygen may cause incomplete combustion and carbon-monoxide. It is worth getting a good quality carbon-monoxide meter. However you cannot rely on it totally unless it is checked annually and batteries replaced regularly. Carbon-monoxide is an odourless gas that can kill in minutes.
  • When an engineer calls do make sure that access is available to the gas meter and any appliance to be worked on, i.e keys to any cupboard or compartment and any area neccesary cleared and made good for an engineer to access. This will save on engineer time and cost to the customer.



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