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 SC Gas

Our Customers

"Speed and Efficiency"

I was most impressed by the speed and efficiency of the engineer, he managed to fit the new boiler within the Saturday and stayed until 7pm to get it finished. He saved me more than £ 800 of the quote I had from British Gas who also were unable to fit me
in on a Saturday.

David Hobbs . Norwood. SE25

"Massive Saving"

The last company said my Worcester 24i boiler was beyond repair, and charged me £140 and gave me an estimate for £2500 + vat for a new boiler. I didn't have the money for a new boiler so I called South & Central Gas Appliances for a second opinion, who got the boiler up and running with a new air pressure switch for less than the first company charged for doing nothing. The quote I got for the same replacement boiler as the previous company was £ 1800 + vat, a massive saving.

Mr Dario. Newman Street . W1

"Thank you !"

I found it so difficult to find a company that would collect keys a couple of miles away for a flat I have in Kennington, I rang South & Central Gas Appliances who collected and returned the keys without any fuss and for no extra charge I payed for job by credit card over the phone and was sent my Gas Safety Documents by post .....Thank you !

Mrs Barber. Diss. Norfolk

"Great Job"

The company that carried out my gas safety inspection condemned my boiler as the flue was not up to the current standards. A new boiler would have had to be placed in an entirely different location and would have set me back about £ 3000. I rang round a lot of companies that would not work on this older model of boiler and said that parts were obsolete. I rang South & Central Gas Appliances who fitted a new compatible flue section for £238.

Jeff. SW9



SC Gas